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To understand what Eat My Pussy strives to do, look no further than the project’s artwork. In bold white letters underneath the artist’s name reads “EMPOWERING, DISRUPTIVE.” And across the first seven songs of the two-part ‘tape, Key brings the energy and brazenness needed to execute her ambitious statement.
In a year where powerful men in Hip-Hop have come out of the woodwork to publicly discard and belittle women, Queen Key’s latest project arrives at a critical time. In unrepentant fashion, EMP provides a gleam of comfort and fun.
Key’s ability to turn every bar into a self-esteem boost or a slapstick antic has fans and the industry buzzing. The line “I preach what I practice, that’s why the streets been reacting,” opens up the EP and she’s not wrong. 
Last year’s breakout hit “My Way” has amassed millions of views with raps about burning pizza and letting her bundles blow out the roof. In EMP, the Chicagoland native fully embraces her funny and abrasive personality to great success. “Spenda Nite” finds her dismissing dudes left and right over signature C-Sick synths, “Tell” ponders “How do I tell this bitch I wanna fuck her husband?” And “Toes Out” holds the potential to be a summer anthem.
Fellow Chicagoans; Dreezy, Tink and King Louie (as well as Dallas’s own Cuban Doll), tag along with solid guest-appearances. But it’s clear to everybody involved that Key is and will continue to be the star of her own show. With nine more tracks off the Eat My Pussy sessions expected to drop on June 26th, it’s clear Queen Key will continue her unruly reign in the coming months.

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