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For Eryn Allen Kane, the notes have always seemed to come about naturally. Flowing from a deep soul set within her tiny frame, the Detroit native has developed a reputation for soaring vocals and deeply intimate songwriting since stepping out in 2013. After some time away that saw her relocate and set down new roots, it’s only appropriate she celebrated that fact by releasing her latest project at the top of the summer season, aptly named a tree planted by water.

Chicago’s scene has consistently produced purposeful artists, and the Detroit-born singer fits the mold. Pairing an oversized vocal range and bleeding heart lyricism, Kane has built a loyal following with her deeply personal renderings. a tree planted by water follows the same path of honesty through song, appropriately opening on the single “Deeply Rooted”. For a young woman who establishes long-lasting and meaningful relationships with those she values, the song is almost autobiographical. Kane feels intensely and seems to approach just about everything with an undeterred passion that can be physically felt. This translates to her music, which exudes notes one could almost reach out and touch.

a tree planted by water is a collection that exudes the maturation of an artist creating for herself, for those around her, but most definitely not for the wrong reasons. Soul? R&B? It doesn’t matter really. Since she emerged back in 2012, Kane has uniquely been able to pull emotion right from the center of your chest with her deep range that forces a smile on even the darkest of days. It’s rare you meet someone who understands the shadows life brings while consciously making the decision to live in the light. Every time I forget, I turn to songs like “Feel The Need” which can make the loneliest soul feel like they’re wrapped in a warm embrace.

While so many today are pushing forward in contrived or unnecessary ways, Kane is moving perfectly at her own pace. Her latest work underlines what the world has come to know over the last few years: that her roots run deep, and they’re not going anywhere soon.

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