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Chicago’s Congress Theater is quickly becoming a hot spot for electronic dance music.

As the genre has developed and exploded, the 86-year-old theater located at 2135 N. Milwaukee Ave. has hosted some of the rowdiest sets the city has seen.

It’s a perfect fit for the Chicago natives Flosstradamus and electronic artist Dillon Francis, who co-headline a show Friday.

Photo Courtesy of The Fader

“I love that place, it’s perfect,” said Francis, who professes to have played more shows in Chicago than his native Los Angeles. “A lot of people don’t like it, but I think it’s a great venue and a huge stage. The place just feels really good.”

Flosstradamus, comprised of deejays J2K (Josh Young) and Autobot (Curt Cameruci), honed their blend of electronic and hip-hop music in Chicago. Their sound is interesting as it rests almost perfectly between two burgeoning genres in the Windy City: hip-hop and electronic music.

“The Internet progression is pushing these genres closer together as it is,” said Young. “I feel fortunate to be able to progress things and push the genre as much as possible by playing a mix of different sounds that have been popular over the past 20 years.”

When the two deejays started playing music eight years ago, the scene was a lot different. Small rave parties, not a venue like the Congress, served as an outlet.

Since then, Flosstradamus has come a long way. The duo sold out two shows at The Metro in December, and a venue like the Congress is seen as a sort of “next step” in the lexicon of building a following in Chicago.

“Our city has always had our back, Chicago fans have always been really loyal,” said Young. “We feel fortunate to come from a city like this that gives so much support.”

And while the Congress Theater is a huge stage for Flosstradamus, there’s one more venue in town the duo has their eyes on.

“We’re excited to play Spring Awakening this year at Soldier Field ­— that will be pretty amazing,” said Young. “Chicago is just such a great place for good music and we’re so appreciative. It’s great to see the music coming here.”

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