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ProbCause Gets Political with “White Lies” Video

Times lately have been hard to make sense of and often it’s at such moments of misunderstanding that we turn more wholeheartedly to art for such ideas and connections. It’s with that in mind that Chicago rapper ProbCause crafted his latest single, “White Lies” produced by GRiZ which comes packaged alongside an animated video to boot. Ever one to dive head-on into subject matter, Prob pulls few punches in his unflinching take on the communication skills of our leaders in office and beyond as he approaches his latest full-length.

Here, he once again teams up with frequent and long-standing partner Elijah Alvarado for the animation that paces the visual throughout. The pair have proven to be a dynamic duo; having in the past created the now-iconic Wu Tang Clan/Martin Shkreli/Bill Murray cartoon before turning their sites this past summer on Wicker Park where they painted a mural outside of Violet Hour of a wall that over the course of the summer dissipated to show a beautiful landscape. To say that their message it front and center with their work might be an understatement, but it’s one we could use more of these days.

As for their most recent foray, it aptly maneuvers through the tricky wordplay of today’s politicians and hopeful future oligarchs that are kicking around Washington D.C. currently. Prob has long proven himself one of the city’s best MCs, and with well-heeled projects like this, he’s taking it a step further by proving he has the visual understanding to thread an idea through several mediums, underlining his sentiment along the way. The video above is a great opportunity to see that on display.