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If you’ve been paying even a passing glance to Mild Sauce over the last six months or so, you should also be pretty well acquainted with Na$im Williams and SiSi Dior. The pair of Chicago artists teamed up over a year ago to begin work on their joint project, Twilight Zone, which hit the world yesterday, but that’s just the first step towards what should prove to be a big year for both parties.

Our first look at SiSi was back in November when we did one of our first live streamed concerts at the #AllThingsGo showcase on the Northside. With a modest crowd and an open-ended set, she was far and away one of the more memorable acts of the evening from her delivery to her personal style to the persistent cosigns from good friend ShowYouSuck who has dubbed her “his favorite rapper in Chicago.” High praise coming from one of the scenes vets. For his part, Williams has plied his trade in the city for years, popping up as an on-the-verge producer in XXL in 2014 and working with the likes of Mano, Cam’Ron and many more, as well as being part of the long-stated Treated Crew.

We sat down with SiSi and Na$im the night before the project on Mild Sauce Radio to discuss the release and how it came to be. For both parties, despite approaching the project from different vantage points, the project, only one half of what’s to come, is a breath of fresh air that serves both well in the first quarter of 2018. “Highway” has been in steady rotation on my personal playlists and on the radio and the rest of the tape truly holds up on the first few listens. We’ll have plenty more coming soon with both SiSi and Na$im, but for now just enjoy the music.

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