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It seems like everyday we’re moving ever closer to the sort of digital-apocalypse of a world only realized in Neal Stephenson novels, and luckily those here in Chicago seem to know how to surf the current wave as well as anyone else. Need evidence? Hit play on the video above, for the single “Cellophane” by local artist Emily Blue. The highly eclectic, out of this world at times visual is an amalgamation of several friends who became such after finding appreciation for one another’s art via, what else, Instagram.

While social media can hinder creative processes most of the time, it kicked it into high gear here. ” I think that we are in a renaissance of art enabled by social media where creators can find other like-minded people and network in new ways. A lot of people hate on social media for making experiences and connections inauthentic, but I see it as just the opposite,” said creative director of the piece, Zeltron 2020, in a press release. Previously known as Sarah Zelman, she was one of the first people I saw regularly in the early days of hustling years ago, I’ve seen Sarah evolve from a cat-loving college student from Cleveland to someone that is regularly filling my social media feeds with mind-bending artistic interpretations that are uniquely her own. In this video, the pair come together for something truly memorable.

Here, Emily teases her upcoming EP, 69, with a take on the domesticity of the perceived life of many while juxtaposing it against the intense colorations of a honeymoon phase of a relationship. Having seen the posts back and forth between these two over the last few months I’d wager to say this isn’t the last collaboration we’ll see from the pair, and I’m not mad at that one bit. Get into it above, catch “Cellophane” every night on Mild Sauce Radio and make sure to head over to Zeltron 2020’s Instagram for more scenes reminiscent of the above.

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