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The city’s scene currently stands in a different place than it once was, and Rich Jones is a perfect barometer of that progress. As the scene has evolved, so to has Jones, going from backpack rapper to multifaceted artist in the matter of a few years. Similarly, the artistic expression that’s manifested from Chicago has grown as well, and it is reflected in the type of work being produced. Work, like the elaborate short film that Jones teamed up with talented brother pairing Strip Mall to release for his single “Duffle”.

The straightforward bars and throwback drums of the song itself makes it a perfect source material for the treatment it gets here. Viewers are immediately tossed into a heist of sorts without much explanation. Instead, we’re left to piece the puzzle together throughout while Jones delivers heavy-handed narration. The chosen shots do a lot to make the piece as well, transitioning from a focus on the bag as an accessory to making it the central character with its own point of view. The Strip Mall boys have been putting in the work and this is yet another example, plus they make a couple acting cameos here as well, as does Ric Wilson. This one is super dope, not much more to ruminate past that. The exclusion of Jones too makes the piece stronger, kind of a nod to the amount of people in his corner right now. Get in tune above!

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