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Sometimes, it’s easy to feel like you’re doing too much. Especially summertime in Chicago. With the endless array of day parties turned to night, festivals that never end and the litany of moves to be had in-between, you can feel like you’re in a whirlwind real fast. It’s those late nights, dark corners and assorted experiences that drive Arizona transplant Apache Grosse‘s music, and it’s once again apparent in his new video for the single “Poison”.

Here, Grosse takes us on a shadowy adventure from the streets to the club and back again. Speaking at a private event thrown for the video’s release, he made sure to call out director Brett Schmidt out of Milwaukee who’s done a lot of work with Mild Sauce in the past. Dude has a distinct style and it finds a welcome home on this track with Grosse’s expressiveness serving as the perfect source material for the up and coming filmmaker. Apache’s got something here and he’s very unafraid to get his vision to the masses. Make sure you dive into this above, listen in on Mild Sauce Radio and catch Apache around town soon.

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