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A month or so ago, the Mild Sauce team found itself up north in Logan Square operating our morning show The Three Piece and assorted other programs out of Kyle Garcia’s FDC Studios. There was a particular Saturday that we had to wrap a bit earlier than usual. Over the course of the afternoon the space was transformed into the setting for one of the most entertaining music videos of the year. Lowriders were called in, the Grammys got pulled out of Harold’s bags, it was a lot going on. Fast forward to today and we finally get to see what the all-star lineup of Smoko Ono, KAMI, Chance The Rapper and Joey Purp cooked up with none other than Cole Bennett. The result is a “Reboot” video that does it’s characters justice. “Reboot” indeed, it’s apparent that as has been stated before, SaveMoney isn’t going anywhere. They prove it yet again here. Get into it above and catch the single streaming on Mild Sauce Radio.

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