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Chicago’s UG Vavy has been supplying the city with his uniquely wavy style of rap for the better part of the last three years or so. In that time he’s taken concerted steps forward, and on his latest collection he’s looking to close out 2018 in style, offering up the 14-song behemoth, Inferno.

At a time when schools of thought for tracklists seem to volley back and forth between Kanye/G.O.O.D. Music’s seven-song, less-is-more format and Migos/Drake’s 25+ tracks, Inferno falls somewhere in a comfortable in-between. Leaving features to the side for this one, the spotlight is directly on Vavy here as he handles both sides of every track for a fully immersive creative journey through the eyes, ears and thoughts of an artist that has proven himself a penchant for localized hits since emerging back in 2015. If anything, this one is a perfect solo foray to give the fans some heat for the oncoming winter. Dive into this one yourself above and as always you can catch the latest singles every night at 8 PM CST on Mild Sauce Radio.

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