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Psalm One isn’t playing around this year. Hardly a week removed from the release of her latest video for “Non-Binary” the Chicago native is back with a vengeance with the subsequent release of her 5-song EP, Don’t Get Lazy Now! If her output thus far n 2019 is any indication, the sentiment of the project doesn’t apply to her.

Psalm has long been one of the most consistent artists to emerge amongst the Renaissance and having entered a new chapter of her career, seems to have been reinvigorated with the creative spirit. That may come from a lengthy sabbatical she took with longtime partner Angel Davanport to Minnesota where both seem to have really found space to stretch out and realize plenty.

On Don’t Get Lazy Now! Psalm spreads it around. Tapping the likes of Emma Jayne in addition to her star-studded lineup from the single “Non-Binary” that counts Show You Suck, Angel and Sophia Eris. If the last month is any indication, we should see and hear plenty more from Psalm throughout 2019. Dive into her latest below and catch it streaming on the radio at Mild Sauce Radio.

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