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As our streaming side grows week by week, we’ve been relying on it more and more to disseminate news and such from around the city. With that said, we’ve rounded up a few stories of notes from around the city to keep you in tune with what’s happening around the ‘Go. This time around we have a hometown collaboration between beer and chicken, a new book from a series of talented poets and much more.Check those out below here and make sure to tune into Mild Sauce Radio every weekend for our live news, talk and gossip shows streaming on Twitter.

Black Beat Poets Vol. 2: Black Girl Magic Releases

The next wave of Breakbeat Poets is among us, and fittingly Haymarket Books teamed up once again with Young Chicago Authors to put a stamp on the time. Pulling from the vast number of talented young women of color here in Chicago and beyond, the book is an amalgamation of young voices that are shaping our future. Edited by Mahogany L. Browne, Idrissa Simmonds, and Jamila Woods, the book has a distinct hometown vibe and dovetails the previous Break Beat Poets release from a few years back that essentially ushered in the subgenre as a distinct art form unto itself. I actually remember Idris Goodwin coming to a creative writing class I had while at school at the University of Iowa to explain the idea of the craft, and it has since evolved into one recognized the world over. The latest continuance is an amazing collection that has received praise from many. The book was published with the goal  “to celebrate and canonize the words of Black women across the diaspora.” Pick yours up at Haymarket Books or here.

Parsons & Revolution Team Up For New Beer

…Well sort of. The Logan Square eatery unveiled its own ‘Parsons Beer’ recently. While the labels may be new, it’s simply Revolution’s Cross of Gold set to a new wrapper. They’re going for $3 a pop over at the restaurant on Armitage and Humboldt Blvd and also available for delivery via Caviar, which also apparently offers negroni slushies….Logan Square is literally a playground for millennials at this point for most of the right reasons. Make sure to stop by and check em out.

Burns Twins Featured in New RSVP Gallery Promo

The Burns Twins, Eddie and IZ, are fast becoming the almost-identical faces of the city’s burgeoning next wave. Alongside creating sonic pathways for their friends to collaborate with and playing the backdrop to acts like Malcolm London and The O’My’s, the pair also have a building modeling career. This time around they were featured in RSVP’s short video showcasing their upcoming line that centered on sleep and travel essentials: something the brothers know well from an continually-increasing time on the road and holed up in studios across the city and beyond. They’ve got plenty more in the bag, having been featured with Emma McKee and OG Brand in the past, among others. Check the video out below and make sure to keep in tune with everything Burns Twins here on Mild Sauce.


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