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We’re proud to welcome our latest show to the Mild Sauce network in the form of Joi Has Questions. Already established in her lane with over twenty episodes in the bank, Joi brings a new flavor to the larger framework and after helping us out at Vic Mensa’s #AntiBaitTruck and bringing us to the Spades Brunch last week we finally get down to it this week. Without further ado, we’ll kick it to Joi to into this episode. Catch all of them via Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes and everything else.

Welcome back! This week listen as I chop it up with my love Emily Umunna, one of the baddest MUA in the industry. We discuss white mayhem at the Emmy’s, Kevin Hart and Leslie Jones clap back. Wrapping up my motivational message focuses on why you better speak up about your wins if you want others to give a damn!

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