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It’s finally here. 2017 has been chock-full of anticipated releases from Chicago acts, and today another reaches sunlight as Knox Fortune makes his full-length debut with his project, Paradise.

Teased endlessly over the summer with a talented string of singles that seemed to drop at just the right time to seem like a narration of the city’s warmer months. His lo-fi, unpretentious approach that seemed to stick to basics and his skill on production, the tracks connected with listeners of all ages, backgrounds, and interests in a way that’s fast becoming a benchmark of SaveMoney-affiliated releases. While he easily has a who’s who of artists big and small to choose as far as features go, he kept it sensical, tapping Joey Purp and Kami for the lone guest spots on “Strange Days” and “Stun”. Having worked extensively on both artist’s projects, having them show up here was a nice nod to the work he’s completed alongside the two collaborators leading up to the album drop.

We couldn’t be more excited about the project as a whole and have definitely had it on repeat since it dropped earlier Friday. Don’t tweak, Paradise is yet another timeless artist from the Chicago Renaissance taking his first big steps forward. Streaming above and on Mild Sauce Radio.

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