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Apparently the boy fell from earth unexpectedly. After years of listening and finding influence through the work of Stefan Ponce, the city of Chicago and the world at large finally got the mercurial artist’s first full-length offering in the form of his collection, The Boy Who Fell From Earth.

A years-long project that came together somewhere between inspiration and despair, it serves as a sounding board for a young father and producer that has worked with some of the biggest names music while retaining a certain sense of personal understanding that he’s still discovering on The Boy Who Fell From Earth. A few months ago, we had the chance to take a listen to the project with a sit down with Stefan and top to bottom the sense of nostalgia is impossible to ignore. Here, Ponce channels the at-times misunderstood reasonings for his movements into a sinewy work of art that explains him better than he could in conversation. This project was forged through the interplay of pain and happiness, the rigors of life and the realization of birth. Over the last two years we’ve gotten hints at the impending project with hits like “Super Star” & “For A Girl” on initial listens the rest of the project holds up as well. Having followed Ponce for years, it feels like a breath of fresh air and a turn of a chapter that has been a long time coming. Just sit back and enjoy the music.

UPDATE: Apparently, this isn’t the only work we’ll be receiving from Ponce this year. On the heels of his release today he also took to Twitter to announce an upcoming project before the year’s end titled Yung John Titor, which some may recognize as his former name on the social media platform and also and allusion to a conspiracy theory of a time traveler named John Titor. As he says, the next one is “for the club”.

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