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Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive hosts a sound showcase Thursday at the South by Southwest Festival. The Sun-Times asks the blogger about a few of his favorite things.

Favorite Chicago live performance?

Tie: Kanye West’s Foundation show at the House of Blues that was two weeks before the release of Graduation. He premiered songs from the album that he’d kept from leaking including “Big Brother” and “Good Life.” It was my first time ever hearing these records, and they sounded amazing in such an intimate environment. I highly doubt he’ll ever do a show at the House of Blues Chicago ever again, as he was stadium status soon after Graduation dropped.

The other would be Jay-Z’s American Gangster tour, where he performed in like five cities in one day. He didn’t arrive to the House of Blues Chicago until like 2am, but when he did he hit with a boom. He brought out the whole Roc-A-Fella family to perform with him including Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Memphis Bleek and Kanye West. That’s probably the last time you’ll see all of those guys on the same stage together.

Lolla or Pitchfork?

Lolla for the parties, Pitchfork for the artists.

What artist did you discover before anyone else?

King Louie

Last book you read and why?

“Infinite Crab Meats” by Byron Crawford. Before I began blogging myself, Byron was one of my favorite bloggers. I loved the writing for his own site as well as “XXL Magazine.” Now he’s made the transition from blogger to published author, and Infinite Crab Meats is his second book. Off color, but hilarious.

Last art exhibit?

Hebru Brantley’s “Brother’s Of The Robbing Hood” at Lacuna 2150.

Favorite meal in Chicago?

The Crown Combo (shrimp and steak) at Ron of Japan.

Favorite drink?

A cocktail for sure. Vokda and soda is my drink of choice.

Sports allegiances?

Indiana University Hoosiers basketball (my alma mater). Pro team would be the Chicago Bulls.

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