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"Faking" - A Short Film from Peter Collins Campbell on Vimeo.

Here at Mild Sauce we do our best to keep you up to date on whats happening across the full spectrum of creativity in Chicago and this week the city was blessed with another piece of work from filmmaker Peter Campbell. His short, “Faking” hit the web Wednesday and exudes the careful eye and clever editing techniques that Campbell has been showing off for years, working with artists like Saba, Brian Fresco, Malcolm London and many others.

Fresh off a trip to Cannes where he attended the high-profile movie festival for the first time, Campbell is right back to work and building on similar shorts he’s released over the last couple of years like ‘Worsebehaviour‘ and ‘Picnic‘. His work often lends a distinct cinematic look that has grown over the years and really finds a way to come together here in a unique storytelling format. Campbell has always used sound in interesting ways, and here eschews dialogue for the most part, leaning into mundane sounds that when left to their own devices create a soundscape that paces the four-minute piece. Its digestible as can be and packs a solid punch. Take a look for yourself above.

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