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Chicago is a city that doesn’t stop producing and just before the weekend hit we got further evidence of this as 22-year-old R&B/Soul artist Bernie Levv stepped out of a short hiatus to deliver a striking new work with her six-song House of Levv EP that serves as an exploration of identity through the lens of homegrown house and soul aesthetics that come together here wonderfully.

House of Levv serves as the Chicago native’s first collection release since dropping her sophomore project, The Golden Hour in 2015. Whereas the last offering operated as a series of songs looking inward while internalizing newfound growth, here Bernie is decidedly more self-assured, which is obvious from the get-go. Overall, the album is a confluence of styles that benefits from the pervasive realness of the person creating it. “Boring Heauxs” and “Snatch It” are ready-made for the progressive, powerful female force that has permeated in the misogyny of Washington D.C. and the world’s leaders generally. Here, Levv eschews the problems of the world to concentrate on herself, in turn creating one of the city’s most eclectic and fun projects of the year. Grab the full project streaming above and also available on Spotify and iTunes and keep it locked here for much more coming soon.

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