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At this point in time, there’s perhaps no one in the country more recognizable than 24-year-old Chance The Rapper. The three-time Grammy winner and Coloring Book MC has been damn near everywhere since breaking into the scene with 2013’s Acid Rap and at this point he stand alongside his heroes, having made it on his terms. While it was his art that propelled him forward, it’s been his consistent and loyal team behind him that has helped keep pace, continually skewing their own way when told where to go or what to do. A huge amount of those decisions and careful decision making are due to his day one manager and longtime friend, Pat “The Manager” Corcoran, who teamed up with Complex’s Noah Callahan-Bever and his Blueprint series this week to look back at the last few years and narrate the ways in which he ‘reimagined the music game’.

To be sure, Corcoran and his team have put artists first, eschewing the established ideals of labels and signing contracts to realize their own value, and being aware to use it to their advantage at every opportunity. Only a few years in, he’s already been named as one of Billboard’s ‘Hip-Hop Power Players’, the youngest one in fact and has created a whirlwind around himself that has attracted the best and brightest the world over. A genuine dude with a smile and a laugh never far from his face, in this video fans and viewers get a rare sit down with Pat himself, try to soak up some wisdom.

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