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interview • Em Geneve

video • Brooklyn Wheeler

The pairing of Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett, better known to the world as dance music wunderkinds Louis The Child have exploded over the course of the last two years into one of the city and the country-at-large’s most exciting new electronic act. Unsurprisingly, the 20-year-olds are a big hit at home and followed up an eye-opening string of sold out dates last year at The Metro with an oversized performance at The Aragon Ballroom on November 24 as part of their nation-wide, ‘Last To Leave’ Tour. Packing out one of the city’s most roomy venues is par for the course for the duo these days and, with the strength of singles like “Weekend” and “It’s Strange” plus a bevy of collaborations in their back pocket, it seems like it’ll be the norm for awhile.

Local personality Em Geneve was on-hand for the special ‘Friendsgiving Show’ to catch up with Hauldren and Kennett before their set as part of an upcoming series of likeminded videos on the way and was able to get some added insight into the tour, what road life has been like and generally offer a glimpse of what the world is like lately for Louis The Child. You can catch Geneve here and here and, of course, right back here on Mild Sauce soon. For now, get into the full sit down interview above.

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