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If you weren’t aware, our Radio side of things, Mild Sauce Radio, is streaming 24/7 independent local music here on the site at the Radio page and over on iTunes Internet Radio, TuneIn and Facebook, among others. As we move deeper into the new year we’re going to be rolling out a lineup of monthly, weekly and other assorted shows that will aim to serve the intersection of news and music in the city. This week, we’re kicking things off with our first Rock Discovery Show with local punk, hardcore and all things rock connoisseur Steve Breit who breaks down his favorite bands from 2017 and who to keep an eye on as the new year continues on. Check the video above for the full first episode and check back next week, both here on the site or live on the Radio for part two of Steve’s picks to watch for 2018 and scroll down for a listing of the songs played. Without further ado, get into Rock Discovery mode.

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Band/Song List In order Presented:

Intro: La Armada: “Chiraq”

Band: Attaboi

Album: Salt (2016)

Tracks Played:

“Buddy Bolden”


Band: La Armada

Album: Crisis EP (2014)

Tracks Played:


“Human Filth”

Band: Code Orange

Album: Forever (2017)

Tracks Played:



Band: Dead Cross

Album: Self Titled (2017)

Tracks Played:

“Obedience School”

“Bela Legosi”s Dead”

 Band: Downtown Boys

Album: Cost of Living

Tracks Played:

“Somos Chulas (No Somo Pendejas)”

“Clara Rancia”

Band: Fuerza Bruta

Album: Verdugo

Tracks Played:

“Hijos De La Calle”


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