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Alright, alright alright. It’s been a minute, we get it. Music comes in barrages as the summer creeps ever nearer in Chicago and we got caught up being outside and shooting these live shows. It’s with that though that we humbly bring you our latest Music Catch Up which round up all of our favorite releases that have made it out in the time we’ve been away. With that in mind, we’ve got new work fr moth likes of BJ The Chicago Kid, Rich Robbins, Shuba and Afro-Kitty Jones. Check out below for more on those and as always, get ya ass over to Mild Sauce Radio where we have Chicago music streaming 24/7 with the city’s best new singles every night at 8 PM CST!

BJ The Chicago Kid • The Opening Ceremony

If there’s one thing you can depend on year in and year out with the Chicago scene, it’s a healthy helping of new BJ The Chicago Kid music that arrives like the holidays. This time around, the city’s pre-eminent proprietor of soul drops off a three-track offering, The Opening Ceremony. Apparently, these are a teaser for his next project on Motown, his follow-up to 2016’s In My Mind that served as a huge jumping off point for an artist that had existed in the periphery for a minute without finding mainstream success per se. That’s old news now and BJ arrives here once again with the appropriate swagger of an artist who handles his craft inside and out. Dive in below and catch the songs regularly on Mild Sauce Radio.

Rich Robbins • Red Butterfly

Rich Robbins is a name that has come about over the course of the year with increasing frequency. The versatile artist weaves interdisciplinary stories through a mosaic of forward-thinking production that comes from all sides of the spectrum on this twelve song collection. Look, this dude went to the University of Wisconsin on a Hip-Hop Scholarship, so we’re going to let him guide us on some exploratory motifs with ease. Anyone who can get to college through rap music definitely knows what he’s doing and Robbins proves as much, demonstrating a careful understanding of wordplay and writing that when paired with the appropriate backing here goes far beyond the scope of much of his peers. Boasting features from the likes of Joseph Chilliams and theMIND, it also has the name recognition to get its foot in the door. Get into this one below and on our Best New Releases on Mild Sauce Radio.


Shuba • Around Me

For those of you who may not be aware of Shuba by now, you’re not paying attention. The twenty-something songstress has been plying her trade around the city and beyond for some years, going as far as performing in front of Nicki Minaj and the gang on American Idol back in 2013. While that path proved to be what many expect, she has turned around in the years since and gone about crafting a sound and an aesthetic all her own, with the helping hand of burgeoning studio vet Chason. Here, we get a comfortable, four-song set up that seems to find the artist dealing with the emotions of life, the uncertainty of others leaving and the myriad feelings that come cascading around that. Check it out for yourself below and catch Shuba all over town this summer and, of course, on Mild Sauce Radio.

Afro-Kitty Jones • Supa X

Sometimes, good things fall in your DMs and that’s the case with this project from a fresh face on the scene in Afro-Kitty Jones who stepped out this week with the release of her album, Supa X. A short-list of new music to get listeners in tune, the artwork certainly serves as an eye-catching intro, but she….well backs it up with talent throughout here and even nabs some impressive guest spots from the likes of Mononeon and Joseph Chilliams, the latter of which seems to be on his Lil Wayne ’08 feature run right now. In all honesty though, this one’s pretty fun that stays light-hearted throughout and acts as an entrance to another strong female voice from the city. Check it out below and, as always, on Mild Sauce Radio.




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