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Anyone who knows Chicago product Via Rosa also knows she doesn’t create without purpose. A true living work of art in herself, she’s always been careful about what she says regardless if its recorded in a studio or an iPhone. The content matters. Over the last few years her solo work has slowed as she has done more and more alongside Na’el Shehade as part of the DRAMA Duo. Last week, while Mild Sauce took a trip south, Rosa appropriately put a soft pause on that side of her career for the time being, teaming up with 119 Productions for the release of her Yes & Yes EP.

Speaking on the nexus for the project, Rosa explained, “Here are some poems I wrote and put to music over these past couple years in my room while also working with DRAMA and THEMpeople and Airtech Sani who produced the majority of my music on Soundcloud.” The tracks definitely evoke a similar feeling to many of the works she’s done alongside Shehade and the drum n’ bass lines on “You Said I Was” create a truly inspiring soundscape for the song itself.

Endearing is a word that often comes to mind whenever one interacts with Rosa or her work in any way. A penchant for the authentic, her god-given vocal abilities echo the experiences she’s had to this point in life. Saying a lot with a little, it’s sometimes silly the emotion she can evoke with the simplest of aesthetics. Nothing is ever surface level with Rosa, and it wouldn’t be her if it was. This project features conversations ruminating on the idea of craziness, creation and the interplay of the cosmic in the everyday world. Together the entire thing is a beautiful patchwork that comes together to tell the story of an artist in blissful transition.

Shout out to 119 Productions for getting this one to the light, the world is always a little brighter with some new Via Rosa. Get into the latest above.

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