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It’s a new year and, of course, that doesn’t mean there’s any break in sight for new releases from the artists of Chicago. The holidays had us caught up a bit, but we’re back for our latest collection of new visuals from a handful of locals doing their thing across a variety of sounds and platforms as artist and transcendental curator Thelonious Stokes debuts his otherworldly “Believers”, KAMI and the SaveMoney squad show up in a big way with his video for “Payload” while Scheme and Femdot prove there’s plenty of bars to be had in 2018. Check out the videos below, the singles of course streaming over at Mild Sauce Radio and keep it locked for plenty more coming soon.

KAMI • “Payload”

In the wake of artists like Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper hitting the big time in 2013, it was just a waiting game until the rest of SaveMoney showed up on the big stage. 2017 certainly saw the establishment of such as one after the next from the collective delivered on standout solo work. The of course included none other than KAMI, who’s releases, Just Like The Movies and Superstar we chose as some of our favorites from last year. To kick off what should prove to be the year the team firmly solidifies their hold on the game at large, KAMI and the crew took it back to the whole team, turning the cameras on a night at the club with just about everyone “featured”. High-energy and with plenty to pay attention to, “Payload” is one you’ll want to back up a few times.

Thelonious Stokes • “Believers”

If Thelonious Stokes isn’t a recognizable name, it’s time to start getting in tune before its too late. The 22-year-old artist takes his title seriously. Eschewing the sentiments of social media “artists”, Stokes lives and breathes his craft like the most intense of method actors. Going as far as shaving his head into a receding hairline, dressing up and interviewing the likes of Freeway Ricky Ross while standing in a bucket of water, dude has ideas and is beginning to really find a way to show them to the world. His video is a furtherance of all of this and opens up a new side of this multifaceted artist on the rise.

Scheme • “Sin Sangre En Las Venas”

Scheme is a dude who has been doing his thing around the city for some time, but arrives at the top of the year with a dope new visual that sets the tone for his upcoming full-length, Modern Mexican Art, which is due out later this year. For a city with one of the most healthy Latino populations in the U.S., it’s refreshing to see that perspective brought to the light through a member of the community. We’re looking forward to Modern Mexican Art, as this one sets a particular tone. Check it out below.

Femdot • “Good Cop” (Ft. Ohana Bam)

Femdot has emerged over the last couple of years as one of the city’s most consistent and bar-for-bar talented MCs now or in recent memory even. Last year was a big one for the Chicago native, as he dropped his long-awaited 20/20 Hour and announced a deal with Closed Session that has seen him spend the latter part of the calendar dutifully tinkering away at his label debut alongside the likes of Boathouse, Odd Couple and the whole CS family. To round out a year that saw him take big strides forward, Femi unloaded a new visual for “Good Cop” featuring Ohana Bam just before we crossed into 2018. Check it out here below.

Queen Key • “Gummo Remix”

Queen Key has been a name that’s buzzed around the underground for a minute. Having spent the colder months incubating a bevy of new music over At The Stu, Key kept listeners at bay with a quick-release remix of 6ix 9ine’s “Gummo”. While the purveyor of the original might be a less-than-savory character to say the least, the beat is infectious and the rhyme scheme a lot of fun, so it makes sense Key would put her own spin on things. Glowing eyes, plenty of bars, Key’s latest will keep you looking for more.

Adamn Killa • “650 On My Toes”

This dude has been one of my favorites for some time, if not just for the innate creativity behind his name. While that creativeness certainly doesn’t stop there, Adamn and his pink locks have been a consistent force on the city’s underground and he arrives on the front end of 2018 with a dapper scene that proves his quality and productivity are beginning to find harmony. “650 On My Toes” is an auto-tuned dream ride that features a truly glossy ride out west. Catchy for sure, this is one of the most complete works from Adamn Villa to date and sets a great tone heading into the new year.

G Herbo • City Of Sorrow Documentary

Chicago is a tough city. So is G Herbo. Since stepping out back in 2012 alongside fellow local Lil Bibby, Herbo has woven tales of the city’s more unsavory sides and in the process created a narrative that connects directly to his fan base and Chicagoans from across the city. To say it clearly, Herbo has the authenticity necessary to make it from here and it’s precisely why Mass Appeal tapped him for their latest documentary that focuses on Chicago, ‘City of Sorrow’. Check it out below.

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