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In our second episode of Steve Breit’s Chicago Rock Discovery Show, Steve takes us on a trip around Lake Michigan to take a look at new-age pop-punk. Included is a peek at bands from Milwaukee, Chicago Detroit and more as Steve walks us through the bands in the midwest making noise and carrying the pop-punk torch forward. You can catch Steve live every Saturday at 2 PM CST on our Youtube channel and on Mild Sauce Radio. We have the full track listing of what was played below and the full streaming video above. Check it all out and make sure to come back Saturday to see Steve live in action taking a look at upcoming shows around the scene.

Bad Cop Bad Cop:

Album • Warriors


“Wild me”

The Eradicator

Album • The Eradicator


“I Am the Eradicator”
“I‘m A Squash Man”

Rebel Spies!

Album • Rise!


“See You In Hell”
“There’s Nothing Left for Me Now”

Direct Hit!

AlbumWasted Mind


“Was it the Acid?”
“Villian Alcoholic”

The Suicide Machines

Album • On the Eve of Destruction (1991-1995)



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