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In episode five of our weekly live video radio show here on Mild Sauce, our own rock connoisseur Steve Breit who returns once again for our weekly take on rock music from around Chicago and beyond. Here, Steve breaks down a smattering of local doom and stoner rock from the Chicagoland area under the banner of ‘Slower, Heavier, Louder’ episode with sponsored beer from Revolution to boot. Check out the show in full above, also streaming live on YouTube every Saturday afternoon and get the full details on the songs played below.


Album •  Hippie Killer

Track: The People Mover

Sweet Cobra

Album • Praise

Track • “Leviathan”


Album • Tree of Woe

Track • “Fall from Paradise”

Mako Sica

Album • Invocation

Track • “Sacrifice”

Sun God Ra

Album • Sun God Ra

Track • “Lone”


Album • Psalm 9

Track • “The Tempter”

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