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Steve Breit is back again with episode nine of his weekly forage into the world of Chicagoland rock music. This time around, in honor of Women’s History Month, Steve brings through a bevy of midwestern hardcore punk bands made up of or fronted by women, with a couple exceptions tossed in for good measure. Along with some names to take note of, he also breaks down a show he attended last week at Chitown Football in the Pilsen neighborhood where Futura and several other bands set the tone with a series of talented sets that brought out varying corners of the scene. It’s fast, it’s loud and it spans several decades. Its the Steve Breit Rock Discovery Show. Its Kinda Hot.

Catch the show live every Saturday at 2:30 PM on Twitter.


Track • “Give Violence a Chance”

Primitive Teeth

Tracks • “Foreign Hearts”, “Omit”


Track • “Murdered by a Woman”


Track • “Nice Try”


Tracks • “Que “Dijiste”, “Lideres Revolucionarios”

Warrior Tribes

Tracks • “Mob Clash”, “Black Lung”

Social Quarantine
Tracks: • “Information Overload”, “Find a Tribe”


Tracks • “Don’t Leave Me”, “Eyes Wide Open”

Yellow Machinegun

Track • “Again”

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