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Steve Breit is back once again! This week, after taking some recommendations from the DIY Chicago community throughout the week, he dives into a cross-section of music from across the city and beyond, dipping a star west as Galesburg and Aurora throughout the episode. As always, Steve comes equipped with a chosen beer to boot, bringing along a case of Revolution Brewing’s ‘Cross of Gold’ ale for some easy Saturday sipping. As alway, check out the full episode above and make sure you tune into our show, running every week at 2 PM CST on Saturdays at Mild Sauce Radio.

Band • Lemon Knife

Track • “Lost at Sea’

Band • RLYR

Track • “Artificial Horizons”

Band • Ex Okays

Track • “Bothersome”

Band • In Circles

Track • “Smoking Gun”

Band • Sin Thetic

Track • “Used to You”

Band • Invisible Cartoons

Track • “Dance Partner”

Band: Swatches

Track: Pamplemousse

Band • Ouegons Are Real

Track • “Harbor no Resentment”

Band • The Hustle

Track • “Draper”

Band • String Figures

Track • “Adjunct Professor”

Band • Won’t Stay Dead

Track • “Plug it Up”

Band • The Dragu-Lahs

Track • “Drac Attack”

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