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The Three Piece is Chicago’s newest weekly morning show. Broadcast live every Saturday morning at 11:30 AM CST on Mild Sauce Radio‘s Twitter, it’s a collection of news, gossip, conversation and interviews that touch on everything that’s happened in the week. Think of it like a Chicago Style-‘Last Week Tonight’…in the morning. Jump into our latest episode with our hosts Shawn Grant and Portia King (Jamal Andress is away on vacation) who are joined this week by local lawyer, bar manager, manager and more: Eddie “Esquire” Sanders who sits down with Portia and Shawn to talk his lengthy career in the local music scene, coming up alongside The Cool Kids, HXLT & others and forays into management and other new endeavors. All that plus a look at the current state of things happening in the world, and the Fabolous conversation. Get it all above and every week.

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