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Last week, we wrote about A$AP Bari’s clothing line, Vlone, coming to Chicago during Lollapalooza weekend to march shirts emblazoned with “Chiraq” to Chicagoans. Today, hip-hop underdog Valee reclaimed the name a bit with his gritty new video for the single bearing the same name, “Vlone”

This time around, we catch Valee once again in Chinatown, obviously a favorite of his having already filmed his collaboration with Vic Mensa, “Dim Sum” in the near south side neighborhood. This time around, things are decidedly more muted, with a light dusting of snow enough to make you shiver in 80 degrees. A fairly simple piece, it tracks the protagonist throughout, shrouded by a mask as he covers the sidewalks, draped by his own vocals. Check this one out above, and as always tune into Mild Sauce Radio to catch the single streaming regularly!

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