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2017, perhaps more than any year Chicago has had in recent memory, seems to have vaulted artists to the national scene with increased frequency over the course of the last few months. From Towkio and Joey to Valee and Herbo, we’ve seen names grow into brands and in the wake of such ascension, it makes sense that listeners around the city, spoiled as of late, would be looking for the next voice to blow. One candidate for that spot is most definitely fellow local L.A. Van Gogh, who turned in one of the year’s most exciting lowkey projects in his Everything Is Subjective: Episode 1.

Without a doubt, L.A. has been proving himself across the city for some time and his lead off singles for this offering, “Changed My Number Pt. 2” and “Be Careful” (Ft. Sherren Olivia) boasted an undeniable growth from an act that has rarely given fans that wasn’t worth their time. Everything Is Subjective is an aspirational collection, “When I Get Rich” is a forward-thinking ode to, as he explains in the intro, “what everyone thinks about.” Top to bottom, it’s highly-relatable and proves that it’s possible to dip into darker subject matter without xans, and facial tattoos. Speaking to ClashMusic.com, he had this to say on one of the prevailing themes, “I’m trying to continue the conversation around mental health in black and brown communities,” says L.A.. “I’m letting myself and the audience know that we are not alone in our vulnerability to our feelings.”

Get into this one above and keep an eye out for plenty more from L.A. in the near future.

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