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Seb Torgus very well may be a new name for many around Chicago and beyond, but the 22-year-old crossover act is an veteran of several industries and puts that innate swagger front and center in his latest video for the single “Hold Up”. A brash anthem of sorts that appears to be suited to assert himself amongst a crowded local scene, the video and song do much to put Torgus’ varied personality front and center.

The single and video are the first steps towards Torgus’ debut project, one he’s been working on diligently for over a year and a half, since really hunkering down with the music following the viral success of his song “Sad Boy Anthem”. Since then, he’s been largely quiet, damn near living in the studio and “Hold Up” is very much his foot through the door, a exuberant hello to everyone he’s been wanting to show this work off to, and the video itself underlines the sentiment. We caught up with Seb a week ago on my weekly show, No Coast Live, to discuss the development he’s undergone in the last year, how the album’s sounding and what’s next. Check that out below, the video itself above and everything streaming 24/7 on Mild Sauce Radio.


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