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The last year has seen the consistent rise of one of the city’s most deserving young acts in the soulful stylings of Jamila Woods, who doubled down on the success of her 2016 project, HEAVN, by debuting a new video for her single “LSD” featuring Chance the Rapper with an event at House of Vans in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.

The video was a collaboration between Woods and the city, reflective both of her art generally and her role teaching the next generation at Young Chicago Authors. Teaming up with VAM Studios, Woods held a contest for young directors from around the city to submit treatments, one of which was chosen as the backdrop for Chance collaboration. Prosser Career Academy senior Ashley Huicochea won the honor to work alongside Chance, Jamila and some of the city’s brightest visual minds as they brought a Southside summertime cookout to life in a truly unique way. More and more, we’re seeing the manifestation of the city’s arts programs make it to the limelight only to turn around and bestow attention on the next wave on the rise. With this latest project, those at the top of the scene locally continued to pass a lifeline downwards respectfully.

Similarly, Woods’ event at House of Vans helped to showcase even more rising talent in the city, tapping none other than Kaina Castillo to serve as her opening act. Flanked by her well-worn band led by Sen Morimoto, Castillo threw herself into the set, stopping only to deliver some inspired thoughts on the previous weekend’s ugliness in Charlottesville, VA. From there, she was everything, commanding the crowd, deftly dipping into vocal layers that span the range of possibility before reminding us all that she’s just one of us with a cheeky smile. As she did, Woods looked on from the side of the stage with a beaming smile, before unveiling the winner and taking the stage herself.

It was another small step in the growing renaissance, but one that certainly served as a significant connecting of the varying tides of new music and thought in the city that are even stronger when brought together. Check out the full visual for “LSD” streaming above.

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