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With the recent surge from the West Side, the PIVOT Gang has been coming correct throughout the latter half of 2017 and MfN Melo holds up his end of the deal with a very dope new visual for his single, “White Cheddar” that dropped this week.

The lo-fi is front and center as Melo channels the late-night informercials you’d wake up to in the middle of the night at a sleepover as a kid. If these had been on instead of those OxyClean joints, I’d probably have paid attention instead of flipping it off. Melo lets his personality come through admiringly here and reflects the general disposition of the whole crew he hails from. Despite going through tough times earlier this year, the team has come together to produce some of the best and most exciting new music the city has seen. From Saba’s breakthrough Bucket List Project to Joseph Chilliams’ impending Henry Church and now Melo’s return, it’s obvious the Pivot Gang is strong as ever. Jump into “White Cheddar” above.

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