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Releases come in flurries these days, so to assure we keep you all up with the hottest new work hitting the streets here in Chicago we bundle up the best and most talked about videos for your viewing pleasure. This time around we have a hip-hop-heavy offering as we feature some new visual representations from the likes of Montana of 300, Bump J, Loren and more. Check it all out before and be sure to keep an eye out for our Music News and News Catch-Ups popping up daily!

Montana of 300 • “Busta Rhymes”

Montana of 300 has been coming with the hits for years at this point. On his latest offering, he teamed up with WorldStar to channel none other than Busta Rhymes for his latest single bearing the New York City legend’s name. If you’re going to name the song “Busta Rhymes” you must do as Busta does and Montana does just that, channeling the overall aesthetic of Busta in the 90s via fish-eye cams, fast camera angles and loud clothing and more. Get into this one below.

Nike Boi • “Gucci Chanel”

A somewhat new face on the scene, Nike Boi has blown up via social media over the course of the last year and parlayed heavy support from the city’s south and west sides into a steadying career that has since stayed pointed upwards. Per usual on the come up for any self-respecting internet sensation, Nike Boi teamed up with Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade for an inspired visual for the drippy single, “Gucci Chanel”. Check it out below and keep an eye out for much more from this dude soon.

Loren • “Underground Legend”

Loren, Logan, Logan Cage, whatever you want to call the man, he’s been steady filling the airwaves for some years now and continues to prove his staying power with “Underground Legend,” an apt title for dude at this point. He’s been keeping the visuals coming at a fever pace while gearing up for his soon-to-be-released Fake Deep. For now, check out his latest here below.

Bump J • “Want It All”

Since being released from prison at the top of the year, Bump J has been getting after it with a string of inspired visuals and singles that have helped to amplify the excitement the city has for it’s longtime favorite. It’s obvious that Bump is coming for everything and lets listeners know as much in his latest video, aptly titled “Want It All”. Jump in below, plenty more coming soon.

Sir The Baptist • “Heaven”

Sir The Baptist has been an impressive run over the last year or so and proves his compassion with this latest visual for “Heaven”. While the video itself is a cool out-of-this-world journey that aptly accentuates the motif of the single, it also serves as the onus for his announcement of “Mission 432: Heaven to Houston”. The program is a benefit for Houston flood and hurricane victims. This will offer 1200 paid jobs for people to go to Houston to help re-build the city. Shout out to Sir for keeping the people in his heart. You can read more about that here and check out the video below.

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