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Chicago is a city dictated by its own juxtapositions. While on the outside it may seem cold and scary, those that live here are often defined by their positive streaks. That’s been the case at least of late for a particular side of the local music scene and carried on by none other than Social Experiment collaborator Teddy Jackson who channeled the children’s book set on Chicago’s south side, Too Fly Not To Fly into an appropriate, family-friendly visual for his single of the same name, “Too Fly Not To Fly”.

Jackson has been a force brewing under the surface for some time now, initially stepping out with the house party-starter, “Next Door” back in 2014 alongside 2014 and has since worked with a talented contingent while preparing a proper debut. An endearing part of any single or project that Jackson is associated with seems to carry a smilier upbeat disposition that carries through ten-fold on this visual which gets a treatment from none other than Des Money. Check it all out above and expect plenty more soon.

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