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Chicago has been dictated lately by a growing contingent of young, like-minded individuals that have set about explaining their hometown’s oft-confusing and contradicting tendencies while simultaneously asserting the greater collective upon the masses. One crew in particular has used 2017 to repeated success as the west side’s PIVOT Gang once again hit a home run Monday with the release of MFN Melo’s long-awaited debut, #MeloDramatics.

To be sure, Melo is an understated dude that seems to come alive with a mic in his hand and this collection serves as a months-long journey to the release date. It’s a process that admittedly took time, but one he similarly couldn’t have rushed. Begun in 2016, #MeloDramatics has seen several intonations before hitting the public in its final state. Helping along his first foray into a full-length, having spent the last few years providing reliable guest verses and spirited singles, Melo leaned on close friends in PIVOT, Saba and Joseph Chilliams. Both have gone through the experience and served as a welcome sounding board for ideas, strategies and edits and the wisdom shines through throughout the eleven track offering. It’s a family affair throughout as well, with Saba handling the majority of production and features coming from him, Femdot (who is turning into Wayne ’08 with all these guest spots) and, of course, the late John Walt (DinnerWithJohn), PIVOT Gang member that passed away earlier this year.

We’ve been excited to get into this one since before the “White Cheddar” video and recently caught up with Melo for a sit down to get the full story on #MeloDramatics. You can catch that coming soon here on the site, but for now get into the music available above.

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