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Last week, Chicago-based record label Closed Sessions added to its quickly-developing narrative by announcing their latest signing of hometown rapper Femdot, which was marked with the release of his latest single, aptly-titled, “happyoctober.” The signing is a sensical one for the independent outlet operating out of Soundscape Studios on the near west side. Sporting a roster that already counts the likes of Kweku Collins, Boathouse and OddCouple, WebsterX and Kipp Stone, the team has shown range, teaming up with the likes of Jamila Woods, ShowYouSuck and a who’s who of fellow locals for various projects. Having just come off the ultra-strategic release of his multi-part, The 20/20 Hour which was a patchwork of several EPs released over the previous year. Endlessly interesting with a deep well to pull content from and a rapping ability and general disposition that make every bar seem almost too easy, Fem’s found a perfect home to prepare for his next step within the team at CS and it’ll be exciting to see what they cook up together. We caught up with Femi real quick to get some added insight into the deal and what’s up next for the whole squad. Check it out below and stay tuned for plenty more.
Tell us more about the decision to sign with Closed Sessions?
We were mapping out our plans on starting this new project, and CS approached us wanting to work and grow a relationship. They wanted to partner with us and distribute  for my next project and it just made sense to do. We did some negotiations and came to agreements we both could work on and decided to go forward from there.
What about the team particularly excites you?
I mean the community more than anything else. Soundscape studios has been a second home since I was like 16. so being able to be really intertwined with everything and everyone in the facility is really cool.

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