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Calid B may be a newer name for many around the city, but that may just change with his new video for “Gold” the standout single from his 2016 project, AfroBang which dropped this week. With directorial duties being handled by VAM Studios’ own Vince Martell, the piece took on a certain life of its own while aptly reflecting the vibe and mentality that brought the single to life in the first place.

“Gold” was one of my favorites to drop in a packed summer last year and hits a very cool sentiment throughout. Closely tied to the quickly-growing and influential Party Noire, Called and Martell work to channel the essence of the celebration of black culture throughout this production. For their part, VAM has been on a roll throughout 2017, hitting several home runs including Brown Girls and Jamila Woods’ video for “Holy“. It’s great to see Calid finding solid footing for his art and a welcome accomplice to bring this one to life and we’re very excited to see what the future holds on that end. For now, check out “Gold” above.

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