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Instead of haphazardly tossing up half-hearted posts or simply posting direct links to YouTube, we here at Mild Sauce want to make sure to give music, art and the confluence of both the attention and thoughtfulness it deserves. With that in mind, we bring you the latest ‘Video Catch Up’ to round out the hottest and most striking new visual pieces that have hit the web in the last week or so from in and around Chicago. Check them out below and, of course, tune in every night at 8 PM to Mild Sauce Radio for the latest singles.

TASHA • “Lullaby”

If you’re not familiar with 23-year-old wunderkind of a creator named TASHA, you need to do so immediately. The young artist has come along over the course of the last two years or so by combining an innate sense of sound and wordplay with an endlessly optimistic disposition and progressive worldview. That much is evident on projects like 2016’s Divine Love EP, a diamond in the rough that has long been one of my favorite low-key project of recent memory. For her latest single, “Lullaby”, TASHA leans on a favorite theme: her bedroom. Telling a story through the adorable eyes of her young muse, TASHA and directors Serena Violet Hodges & Tom Callahan create a backdrop of hopeful energy that is perfectly suited for the overcast, rainy days of late October in Chicago. It’s the beginning of the hibernation/creation season in the Second City, and TASHA is perfectly ready. Catch the song streaming here and on Mild Sauce Radio and keep an eye out for more from TASHA’s bed soon, some teasers of an impending bedroom sessions project have been popping up around the internet.

Loona Dae • “Breathe”

The last few years have proven to be a distinct time of growth for Chicago artist Loona Dae. Since departing from the now-defunct Highness collective, she’s found herself in the periphery of some of the city’s most talented individuals while simultaneously working out the scope of her own artistic endeavors. 2017 itself has seen her working closely with Smino and the larger contingent of Classick Fam/Zero Fatigue and the effects of being on the road, broadening her horizons and seeing new things has had a marked effect not only on the music, but the confidence with which it is delivered. That is all on full display in her latest release, a visual for her single “Breathe” that aptly sets the stage for whats to come from the multidimensional singer.

Ian Eastwood & Young Lions • “Blessed” (Daniel Caesar)

While many who talk of the Chicago Renaissance point to the music as the central driver for creativity locally, the scene expands far beyond the limits of audio adventures and Oak Park’s Ian Eastwood has been proving that the dance side of the area is well-represented as well. Teaming up once again with his collective, Young Lions, Eastwood brings to life the single “Blessed” by Daniel Caesar as only he can. Dude has been putting in serious work out west hosting workshops, small parties and seemingly never stopping the mile-a-minute footwork that has vaulted him to the forefront of the industry. Check out his latest, here below.

Loren • “Freestyle Part 1”

If you happened to catch Brighton Park-native Loren (formerly Logan)’s most recent release, Fake Deep, a distinct theme may have caught your ears. Having existed on the local scene for years at the tender age of 22, his latest work under the new moniker have served to further establish his position in a national sense. Feeling as though a surge in what’s come to be called ‘Soundcloud Rap’ is due in large part to parts of his own style and flows being taken for granted by others, he unveiled this video to put it in bars, an homage to what listeners can expect on his upcoming Floody Trap. We caught up with Loren last month on the heels of Fake Deep‘s release and even then he was already looking forward to the next one. If this video is any evidence, Loren’s got plenty up his sleeve.

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