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It’s a relatively small operation over here, but we do our best to stay in tune on the daily. While fingers can only move across a keyboard so many times in 24 hours, we have been keeping tabs on the latest releases and have once again assembled the city’s best new videos for you along with some commentary, you know, because we care. Chicago’s been busy, as Ohmme, Mfn Melo, Supa Bwe and more turn in some truly dope new pieces we’re excited to bring your way. Check it all out below and tune in for the music 24/7 at MildSauce.co/Radio. 

Ohmme • “Wheel”

The ladies of Ohmme have been busy throughout 2017. Often on the road and with a packed lineup of shows that have seen them grow from local gem to rising, nationally-recognized entity, it makes sense that they visuals would often find them distinctly outside their native Chicago.  Here, we find Sima and Macie

Mfn Melo • “Whatcha Feel”

Mfn Melo has been busy through the latter part of the year pushing his debut full-length, Melodramatics and following his infomercial-channeling visual for his single “White Cheddar” the man himself graced us with the very important follow-up for “Whatcha Feel”. Turning his PIVOT collective into a 60s-era funk band for the piece, he enlists the likes of Saba, Squeak, Das Dae and more as he gets into his Prince vibes. While a strong video unto itself, it also shows a connection to what we’ve seen from him to date, offering a thread that fans can trace through his work, creating a sense of comfortability. Also, the video is super hot and the guys really embrace the puffy shirt gang well. Don’t need any more words here, check it out below.

Supa Bwe • “I Hate Being Alive”

Don’t call it a comeback. Supa Bwe may have taken a brief step away, but as we all expected its turning out to simply be the calm before the storm that is expected to manifest itself with the fast-approaching I Hate Being Alive which recently got a December 6 release date. To kick things off towards that full-length which has his legion of loyal followers chomping at the bit, he teamed up with none other than Lyrical Lemonade’s Cole Bennett for an inspired visual that largely kicked off the excitement leading towards the project’s release and does so here from the get-go, starting off with Supa somewhat fittingly in a coffin. From there, Bennett does a crafty job of taking elements of what we’ve gotten from the former Hurt Everybody member to create a visual that aptly makes him into the sort of monster being that his rhymes have always alluded to. For anyone looking for clues on how to drum up excitement for a project? This would be a good one to follow along with. Get in tune below.

Bump J & Brain Hussla • “Say Your Grace”

Bump J is not playing. Since being set free from prison earlier this year, the OG Chicago rapper has been busy in the booth, churning out a steady stream of new singles, videos and the like as we inch ever nearer to his full-length re-debut that should serve as his penultimate return. On his latest video though, we get a sort of film-noir escape that finds Bump and Brain Hussla breaking bread over a very lit, and ominous dinner table. Bump’s return, long-anticipated seems to be adding a distinct new layer to the scene, or at least bringing it to the forefront. For now, “say your grace”.

Kidz In The Hall • “Dear Eastside”

As the Renaissance surged and broke through over the course of the last few years, there have been as many who timed it right to walk the path blazed before them, while certain other necessary to the growth may have been a little early. Kidz In The Hall fall into that latter category. One of the most well-known local outfits in recent memory, the pairing did much to help establish the disposition of the scene as we know it today. Luckily though, Naledge and Double-O seem to be getting back into the swing of things, announcing an upcoming album and giving it a healthy tease with the release of their video for “Eastside” which takes things back a few months before the skies were grey and the temperatures low. Check it out here below and keep an eye out for more from the guys coming soon.

NinaTech • “Let Go”

NinaTech is a name that has popped up with increased frequency over the last year or so. Having garnered a series of high-profile cosigns and postings, the 19-year-old Purdue student continues to prove why she’s someone to take note of, even while wrapping up midterms before heading home to the south side for Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, NinaTech is ready to get moving set amongst the shadowy, almost serene at times landscapes that underline the sort of eery monotone that permeates throughout the track.

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