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Few artists took off as dramatically as Chicago’s favorite St. Louis transplant, Smino. 2017 has been very kind to the man, who’s toured with SZA before heading out on own, finding success all along the way. After recently sparking a friendship with none other than T-Pain, who he did several dates with and seemed to helped usher the crooning autotune god back into the spotlight. It was only fitting then that they would get together for one of the year’s most memorable videos in their rendering of the very hot “Anita Remix” that we have streaming for you here above in which the pair skip through a history of past videos.

There’s been no word so far on what’s to come from Smino following his stellar releases of blkswn and blkjuptr, but his performance at Lincoln Hall this past Sunday, headlining a night of Zero Fatigue put on as part of Red Bull’s 30 Days In Chicago, he proved that he’s learned a lot over the course of the last year, and applied it confidently throughout. There’s plenty more ahead for Smino, for now check out his latest masterpiece, “Anita Remix”.

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