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The year may be coming to a close, but in the middle of the map, the new releases keep coming with regularity. This week we get a nice collection from across the Chicago landscape, including the neon dreams of The Cool Kids who continue a spirited second act with the debut of “9:15PM”, KAMI re-emerges on his visual side in the wake of a string of local performances while we veer off the beaten path a bit on a new one from Paul Cherry. Matt Muse teams up with MFN Melo for a new one and Chief Keef keeps the fans at bay with some advice: “Get Sleep”. We have all those and more available below with a few words. Check them out and make sure you tune into Mild Sauce Radio every night at 8 PM CST to hear the latest singles from around the city and beyond.

The Cool Kids • “9:15PM” (Ft. Jeremih)

The Cool Kids seem to have found their groove at long last in 2017. Sir Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish found themselves back in the spotlight this year with the release of the highly-anticipated Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe which arrived back in September and has since seen the guys in the center of things once again with a series of lively shows and well-heeled visuals such as this one which takes the guys and Jeremih back to the days of heavy neon and Coogi sweaters, which for The Cool Kids never really ended. Get in tune.

KAMI • “World”

KAMI has been streaking off the release of this year’s Just Like The Movies project, proving in the process an ability to stand distinctly outside the sounds of SaveMoney and familiar artists in his periphery and truly build a motif all his own. Andre Muir handles the video duties here and his directorial eye comes through in winning fashion once again. With the title of the project obviously pointing to a movie-esque backdrop, KAMI has achieved a uniquely abstract storyline that he’s told alongside Muir since the run-up to the project, and the pair get a little dark here. Check it out below.


 Matt Muse • “On My Back” (Ft. MFN Melo)

Matt Muse and MFN Melo just so happen to be two of my favorite artists to find homes on my daily playlists this year, so it was a perfect coupling when I saw they got together for “On My Back” which arrived with a visual rendering this past week. I had the chance to sit down with Melo for our most recent feature and was on a panel recently with Muse as part of CIMMFest and each possesses an innate thoughtfulness that comes through on everything they do. Here, they’re just letting us know they’re not worried about carrying the torch forward for the city. It even has some dope violin shots to boot. Check it out below.

Paul Cherry • “Like Yesterday”

Paul Cherry is a relatively new face for me, but one that has been intriguing long past the first listen. A step outside the R&B/Hip-Hop world for a moment, Cherry crafts fun, thoughtful joints that seem to serve as a perfect backdrop to a night spent traveling up and down Milwaukee Avenue between Kimball and California. Coming across something like a soundtrack to long nights and short smokes, this pseudo-animated visual is an apt vessel detailing the scene he emanates. It’s said musicians are reporters with more rhythm, and Cherry does a wonderful job illustrating his corner of the world on “Like Yesterday”. All below!

Chief Keef • “Get Sleep”

Chief Keef is back once again. Honestly, it seems like dude must film his whole life to produce as many videos as he has over the course of the last five years but whatever the case may be, we’re getting more rappin’ Keef than we have in the past and he gets into a distinctly bouncy rhythm on this one that’s reminiscent of the backdrop that serves the video throughout. His latest chapter is shaping up to be his most exciting, we’ll have to see where it goes from here.

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