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Last year Joseph Chilliams burst into the lives of fans across the city, the country and beyond with his patented style of self-love and unabashed openness that shined through on his debut, Henry Church, which we chose as one of our favorite projects from 2017. Since the start of the new year, Chilliams hasn’t shown any signs of letting up and kept the momentum going strong this week with the release of a visual for his single “Fergie” as well as handling headlining duties on Wednesday night at Heineken’s Open Your City event at Lincoln Hall where he had everyone in attendance with their hands raised high. Not, necessarily the way you’d assume at a rap show either. For anyone who hasn’t made it out to see Joseph live, the video above should prove to be a perfect entrance into the proper way to enjoy his music. Check it out above and stay tuned via Mild Sauce Radio.

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