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Located on the left side of eerie and experimental, BRENTRAMBO’s music welcomes the short attention span generation to his odd yet entrancing world.

A prolific artist in his own right and a fellow millennial, the Chicago native had a big 2017. His brief songs, viral humor and work with some of the most hyped about rappers this side of Soundcloud earned him a niche following that surpasses 11,000 fans on social media. With his name rising in notoriety, BRENT is now going full throttle with a combination of features, visuals and production credits already under his belt in 2018.

The first offering, “OPPS,” projects BRENT’s zany style with his characteristic languid flow over production by California’s PROPANE LORD. It’s a track that doesn’t demand too much scrutiny, but there are just enough witty lines tucked in there to keep the promise of his potential.

For the “Boy” video he recruited NICKVISUAL (of VisualMecca fame) to animate a young BRENTRAMBO walking and flexing about his toys and his squad. It’s fun, peculiar and –like most of his songs–it clocks in at a little bit past two minutes while the animation itself is a 15-second loop. This hits a sweet spot with his core audience as it keeps his strengths fresh in the listener’s mind without expecting them to invest too much time.

Indubitably, BRENTRAMBO’s biggest upside lays in his work behind the boards and to prove it, he recently served Warhol.SS and Hoodrich Pablo Juan a woozy instrumental full of swirling synths and clashing hi-hats. Both rappers take advantage of the producer’s chaotic soundscape to ride “SPLASH!” to their own liking and fans are loving it.

A quick glance at the song’s Soundcloud page shows most commenters gushing over RAMBO’s work, a feat that will surely continue to happen as his list of collaborations grow. It’s still early in the year, but BRENT has already leveled up his content. It’ll be intriguing to see where he’ll take his sound next, but for now, we’re enjoying our stay.

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