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Welcome back to our music catch-ups to keep you up to date on the latest music in-between listens over at Mild Sauce Radio. This time around we have some new projects from a cross-section of the city’s sounds and generations as newcomer ADot impresses with a standalone effort, Blended Babies drop off some new ones for the fans, Rahim Salaam delivers a booming message and YehMe2 returns with an EP alongside A-Trak. All that below and streaming 24/7 on Mild Sauce Radio.

A-Trak & YehMe2 • Skat Man EP

It’s been a minute since we last heard from Josh Young, one-half of the now one-man Flosstradamus ride that did much to spur the trap and drill movements the country over years ago. Having embarked late last year on his first solo national tour, Young also teamed up with A-Trak for a new project under the name YehMe2, titled Skat Men EP. The project, clocking in at only three songs, definitely leave listeners wanting more but certainly serves as a welcome drop that finds the pair of veterans really flexing their muscles a bit here without any hesitation to try something new. It’s an exciting time for one of the city’s brightest musical minds in Young, and this pairing with A-Trak is a great continuance. Get into it below.

Rahim Salaam • Go Art Yourself

If you’re not familiar with Rahim Salaam, you may not have been digging through enough music in Chicago. The hip-hop/DIY veteran do-it-all has been around the scene for some time, but continues to prove his politically-aware baritone-soaked raps have staying power and relevancy once again on his latest release, Go Art Yourself. While operating somewhat outside the mainstream understanding of Chicago, the former Blunt Crew MC offers up a tightly-wound collection here that should leave you ready to hit the streets and stand up for whatever belief you may hold dear. As always, you can catch Rahim on his podcast, What About Chicago? and get into the music below.


Over the last couple years there has been a wide call for the next up of sorts in the city and one artist who seems intent on answering that call has been local rapper ADot who dropped off a 10-tack project just before the weekend titled MIDNIGHTT. A young up and comer, Dot proves here that he has plenty of skill on the delivery side of things and gets a helping hand from around the city as the likes of Freako and a healthy contingent of local producers round out the project. For anyone who’s looking to get a few steps ahead of the curve, this one should serve as an efficient introduction to a fresh face around the way.

Blended Babies • Supervillain

Blended Babies are a production team that was quite literally instrumental in the early days of the Chicago Renaissance and have since gone on to work across the wide spectrum of the music industry. One thing that has always set the duo apart from most other production teams has been their fairly consistent offerings of their own cuts and singles and after some time away they gave fans a small peek into what they’ve been working on recently with the release of a four-song project by the name Supervillain. There might be more to that name than folks let on, but we’ll leave that for another day. Get into the music below.

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