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There’s literally no other rapper in the city that has worked his way into my personal library the way Plug Migo has over the last few months. Starting off as a sort of guilty pleasure, dude has stayed crazy consistent since the middle of last year, delivering new music on the regular that is far from repetitive. Following on a year of big steps, the Plug showed us his soft side around Valentine’s Day with the release of his latest, Ratchet Love Tape.
On this six song collection Migo delivers, well, probably something close to what you expect. They say not to judge a book by its cover but this is a mixtape and it lives up to its title. For all the over the top Valentine’s Day ballads we’re barraged with in the middle of February, Migo’s is some tracks you can turn up to with your lady, or find one to do so. Production from Migo and frequent collaborators DaDa Collective and others is a little more tempered, you know, for the love. This one is as fun as a Valentine’s Day release gets and underscores Miao’s ability to create socially relevant tracks delivered on time. Check out the project above and, as always, streaming on Mild Sauce Radio.

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