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Another week and damn, we’re doing our best to keep up with all the videos from in and around the city but they stack up quick! This time around we have some new work from the likes of Manwolves, Morocco Brown, Sex No Babies and maybe a couple others. As always, catch these singles and all the rest from Chicago every night at 8 PM CST on Mild Sauce Radio.

Manwolves • “Shreddy Krueger”

We kicked off Mild Sauce back in September with a feature on local outfit, Manwolves who at the time were enjoying a summer of steps forward that was marked by increasingly bigger shows, singles and projects. In the midst of it all, their song “Shreddy Krueger” quickly grew into a sort of calling card track for the group and one of our favorites to boot. With 2018 in full swing and the guys beginning to emerge from the annual hibernation period of Chicago, they appropriately dropped off a very dope new visual for “Shreddy Krueger” that could well get them a Netflix show if they were so inclined. This one definitely has some cinematic qualities to it and brings Manwolves quirkiness to the forefront. If you’ve read this far you’re fucking up, hit play.

Sex No Babies • “Bob Ross”

Rahim Salaam aka Rageing Salaam is a Chicago underground veteran with a long pedigree and the stripes to match. Having explored many territories of sound throughout the years, he brings together the multi-layered interests into a singular flow with his project, Sex No Babies. An experimental project that puts his baritone bars front and center, “Bob Ross” is a stinging indictment on the world today, somewhat par for the course for the discography of Salaam, but one that comes at a time when real words actually are beginning to have staying power in the age of manufactured face tats and garbage hooks. Rahim delivers it thoroughly here, don’t tweak and miss out.

Chris $pencer • “Trash Bin”

The pairing of Vic $pencer and Chris Crack has long been one of the favorites around town. While individually they have peeked out at different times, it’s been their work together that is often the most-cited releases year in and year out and freshly into 2018 it appears that trend isn’t lagging at all as they debuted the off-kilter video for “Trash Bin”. Trading verses back and forth, set amongst the silvers and golds of balloons that give the whole things a sort of Prom resonance, Crack and Spencer prove bar for bar they have few peers around the city or beyond. Check it out here below.

Morocco Brown • “Mania”

Morocco Brown is an act I’ve followed for some years now. While he’s developed as both an artist and a person in that time, the last couple have seen him really take his craft seriously and begin honing in on a sound. The Winning Loser, released back in 2015 was a memorable collection, but one he apparently is placing in the rearview. On his latest single, “Mania” that got a visual treatment last week, he appears to be looking further inward, finding himself albeit through the dense fog of uncertainty and self-doubt. Times are strange these days, and Morocco Brown is just trying to make sense of it all while operating in a litany of different positions from advice-giving psychiatrist to the man on the couch. Watch him take on many different roles below.

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