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Back when we first kicked things off with this site, we had to choose someone who would embody a lot of what we were about for our first feature and the first person that came to mind was ShowYouSuck, who as part of the duo Air Credits, delivered their latest full-length offering, Wasteland Radio New Archives.

The pair of Show and Steve Reidell of The Hood Internet has been on an exploration of new soundscapes that pull at once from future allegory and sounds steeped in the past, blended with forward-thinking aesthetics. To date, there has yet to be a bad Air Credits track and from talking to Show recently, this four song release should be just one of several we’ll get from the guys throughout 2018. While we’re definitely looking forward to those, Wasteland Radio New Archives delivers on a heady journey that only these two could pull off. Check it out below and catch the singles spinning regularly on Mild Sauce Radio.

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