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If you’re not familiar with Kaina Castillo by now, well, you just haven’t been paying attention. For anyone who’s taken part in a showcase, gallery, event or a million other things on the ground floor of the Chicago scene, you’ve likely run into Kaina at some point. Lively, thoughtful and forever full of life, the twenty-something vocalist has carved a comfortable niche for herself locally, and has been creating some great music in the process, Music, in fact,that surprised us overnight as a surprise release on Sen Morimoto’s Twitter that was announced midday yesterday. This one apparently finds Kaina in her feels, the three song affair features tracks titled “happy”, “cry” and “4U” and puts her innate vocal handle front and center.

One of the tracks got a visual treatment just before the weekend, the aptly-titled “happy” received a sinewy illustration that brings it to life. It’s a soulful ride draped in hues of blue that reflect the somber yet uplifting piece that dives into the idea of happiness from several angles. Check the video out above and catch her new music streaming above and every night at 8 PM CST on Mild Sauce Radio as part of our nightly Nest New Singles playlist.

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